Get into Something Good

After 30 years of cultivating some fine cannabis, we're certain you'll enjoy what we have to offer. Try our selection of beautifully branded retail cannabis products for sale in dispensaries across California. Once you try a taste of our Humboldt County products, we doubt you'll be leaving soon!

Flower Glass Jars

There's nothing better than immaculately trimmed cannabis flower packaged in a colorfully branded glass jar. As soon as you pop the top off these beauties you're surely going to be knocked off your feet from the smell and effect of our sun-grown TCO cannabis.

Flower Pre-Rolls

Why spend your time rolling when you can get your hands directly into these awesome cone filled containers? Filled with fine flower only, our pre-rolls are sure to keep you smiling all day (and night) long.

Flower Pouches

We know these 1 gram pouches are as cool as heck, but wait until you pull one out of your pocket and crack the seal! Fine cannabis nuggets sit casually inside waiting to light up your life. Pick your favorite TCO flavor and get ready to fly!

Vape Cartiridges

Vape the night away with an assortment of mind crushing varieties, with a taste to match. You know you're on the TCO train when you pull this cartridge out and pop it in your vape gun. Take a toke and enjoy, that may be all you need.

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